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To recognise client’s needs is the primary condition for design. In fact, our architect always starts from the analysis of needs and combines it with goals. With technique and creativity, like a meticulous tailor using all tools in his possession, he visualises the concept that will lead to the achievement of goals set with the client. Last but not least, the architect interfaces with our carpenters and partners from different departments to transform the idea into volumes.


Creativity is the most important human resource, without it would there would be no progress and the same patterns would be repeated. This leads us to never readjust pre-existing modules and projects, but for every single client we create a tailor-made project capable of amaze the public and make every space unique, in an always competitive market. C.G.V. Allestimenti and its staff have the aim to transform, in an original way, every single need into form, colour, light, image and communication, looking for new solutions, new materials and new construction systems turning your event in an absolute success.


C.G.V. Allestimenti offers round-trip transport service for all components and setting up of the stand – from Fair’s headquarter to forniture depot. Whilst we take care of everything, including coordination of suppliers, with the punctuality and organisation that distinguish us, clients are free from any sort of duty or task.


C.G.V. Allestimenti follows the entire assembly and disassembly process for its costumers. From the stand’s elements assembly phase to the exhibition facilities removal and material’s transportation, we always work in compliance with waste disposal rules in force in every country.

Practical Management 

C.G.V. Allestimenti guarantees costumers to save time with paperworks. Indeed, we follow the project through all its phases taking care of practical management, practical compilation, permits and agreement with entities responsible for the fair event.


Custom Forniture

Technical knowledge and experience gained in years experience in the this market, allow C.G.V. to design and manufacture furnishing accessories and custom-designed furniture, according to the customers’ expectations. Every stand’s element, from the design to the complete furnishing of space it is realised with precious materials and workmanship. The final result is a great designed functional product, durable in time and in line with client’s request and expectation